Activity for Company:

Legal aid including judicial and extrajudicial consulting on the matters of:

– Civil law
– Commercial law
– International law
– Private law
– Company law
– Industrial law

– National contract management: Drafting and assistance related to negotiating commercial contracts: Agency, distribution, supply of goods and services, contracts, patent and know-how licences, software, industrial and intellectual property.

– International contract management : We provide services in Italian, English, German and French. Drafting and assistance related to negotiating international commercial contracts: Agency, distribution, supply of systems and machinery, joint-ventures, turnkey contracts, supply of services, patent licences, brands, know-how, software, industrial and intellectual property. We also provide personnel TRAINING services on matters such as national and international contract management, including programmes targeting personnel in the purchase and administration offices.

– Credit protection: Debt-collecting services.

– Civil liability .

– Industrial negotiations, in a foreign language when necessary (English, German and French)

– Labour law:

– Corporate contract management: LEGAL AUDITING: Checking the suitability of the contractual instruments implemented by the company, the correct application of tax and customs’ legislation and the regulations concerning processing private information (privacy law) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the corporate processes.

– Industrial property rights.

– Competition rights Abuse of dominant position, concentration of companies in EC and Italian legislation, horizontal and vertical agreements, the consequences of agreements restricting competition, prohibited and subjected to conditions concentrations.

– Arbitration: Provisions of the code, special legislation, regulations and procedures. Ms. Maioli was recently appointed an arbitrator on controversies involving contract management of high value.

– Corporate transactions: Providing consulting services on CORPORATE and ADMINISTRATIVE matters, assistance in negotiating corporate, shareholding, joint-venture and acquisition agreements and insolvency proceedings.

– Tax and fiscal assistance – including related training services for administrative personnel.

– International fiscal assistance – Planning and organising the international layout of groups of enterprises and constituting the necessary institutions in the related countries in collaboration with experts on tax matters in the areas involved.

– Family, company and property – Organisation and strategies of the family business, management of generational corporate transition, delicate balances between psychology, law and economics, planning corporate strategy and property succession: Contracts, statutes, family rules and pacts, marriage and property. Which system – joint property or separation of property? Conflicts of interest amid sentimental problems and economic assessments.

– Safety at work: Studio Legale Maioli provides various services on the matter of  SAFETY AT WORK. The consulting and training services provided have been adapted in light of Italian legislation (Italian Law. no. 123/07 and Italian Consolidated Leg. Decree no. 81/08) so that companies can modify their organisation, management and control models. By examining the existing documents and studying specific problems, we can provide CONSULTING to companies and help them draft new documents, and specifically delegation of duties and responsibilities so they can delegate roles and responsibilities internally. We can follow companies in drafting and negotiating procurement contracts and the related risk-assessment document for interference tied to contract work. We assist companies in their relations with supervisory authorities (local health authorities, workers inspectorate, fire brigade) and guarantee constant updating in compliance with legislationTRAINING services concerning workplace safety and workers’ health protection have also been updated and renewed. We guarantee that we are focused on the needs of the different sectors of production and on the linguistic needs of workers. English and French training programs are also available. Teaching is done on-site on company premises based on schedules and programs previously agreed with the companies.

Activity for Person:

Over the last few years, family law has sustained unthinkable expansion. The family founded upon marriage has been the object of significant upset, not only in terms of the equal rights of spouses pursuant to the amending law of 1975, but also in terms of the rights of minors to biparentalness envisaged by the law on the matter of joint custody (Italian Law no. 54/06).
In addition to the family being founded upon marriage, other social forms have been added, which have been formulated in a similar fashion: More uxorio live-in partners, de facto family and same­sex cohabitation. The legislator has tried to intervene on the phenomenon with ad hoc legislation. Nevertheless, legislative and jurisprudential uncertainty requires recovering a shared vision of family law.
Ms. Maioli and the professionals who collaborate with her have taken and continue to currently take numerous refresher and specialisation courses in order to continuously compare other interpretive prospects so they are able to offer special expertise in the field of marriage law, family mediation, and consulting services on adoptions and custody.

– Family law;

– Marriage: Personal relationships and those concerning the property, rights and obligations of spouses; loyalty, moral and material assistance, collaboration in the interest of the family, cohabitation, contribution to the needs of the family, conduct that violates rights, separation charge, compensation, family mobbing and loss of amenity, joint property and separation of property, property agreements, the patrimonial fund, trusts and family and family pacts.

– De facto family: The partial acknowledgement by legislation and jurisprudence, separation proceedings for a de facto couple of parents (Art. 317 bis of the Italian Civil Code), prosecution after jurisdiction has been appointed to the juvenile judge, legislative provisions, the practices .

– Separation and divorce: Introductory phase and phase before the presiding judge, complaint against measures by the presiding judge, preliminary examination, appointed technical consulting on the matter of parent suitability and custody, preliminary investigation on the matter of property and investigations by tax police, adjudicatory phase, partial and final judgement, application originating proceedings, preliminary enumeration of the facts, appointed technical consulting and legal aid, reports by local services, appeal and appeal in cassation and amendments to the conditions.

– Family mediation: Goals and tasks, mediator competencies, phases of the mediation process, first meeting, conflict management strategies, the negotiating phase, the agreements and conclusion of the mediation phase and the ethical and deontological aspects of family mediation.

– Rights of children: The right to a family, right to biparentalness, right to health, right to education, indirect hearing and oral hearing of the minor.

– Awarding the family home: Award criteria, effects vis-à-vis third parties and the registration, revoked awarding.

– Family, company and property: Organisation and strategies of the family business, management of generational corporate transition, delicate balances between psychology, law and economics, planning corporate strategy and property succession, contracts, statutes, family rules and pacts, marriage and property. Which system – joint property or separation of property? Conflicts of interest amid sentimental problems and economic assessments.

– Acknowledgement of paternity

– Drafting rental agreements

– Licences

– Evictions – successions

– Motor vehicle liability

– Building condominiums